Pebax® Elastomer Technology

Pebax® elastomers are world leading high tech polymers designed for extremely high performance sports wear. They are specified by many of the world's leading brands and relied upon by world record setting athletes. Pebax Powered® shoes frequently take gold, silver and bronze - just like they did in the Rio De Janeiro marathon.

As the sports world demands more extreme performance, Pebax® elastomers continue to evolve to set new records, break new ground and to help stretch the limits of human achievement. Stretch your limits™

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Heel Counter

Heel counters made from Pebax® polymers are typically 20% lighter than those made from other materials like TPU, with no compromise of stability!

Lightweight Pebax® polymers also provide runners with high impact resistance and excellent UV resistance, which are critical to heel counter designs.


Some of the world's absolute leading shoes contain Pebax® Foam midsoles. When the 2-hour marathon is broken, we are sure that Pebax® Foam will play a role!

Pebax® Foam midsoles bring extreme lightweight energy return to runners. Foaming Pebax® polymers reduces the weight even further while maintaining a high degree of comfort and energy return, which puts an extra spring in your step!

Stabilizers, Shanks, Plates

Pebax® elastomers are used in stabilizers and shanks due to their world-leading energy return efficiency. Kind of like putting a diving board in your shoe!

Whether it's hot and dry or cold and damp, you can rely on Pebax® elastomers to deliver consistent stability and support to keep you going for the extra miles. For example, some materials become stiff and brittle in very cold conditions, but Pebax® elastomers maintain their flexibility and energy return. They also provide added stability, which can help avoid injuries like ankle sprains.


Pebax Powered runner

Stretching the Limits of Athletic Shoes — and Athletes Like You

Pebax® elastomers are recognized for their outstanding qualities by the world’s most famous sports brands. Millions of runners, soccer players and skiers worldwide accomplish feats both large and small thanks to the combined advantages of these high-performance elastomers, which are ultra-lightweight and offer outstanding energy return on rebound, long-lasting elasticity, and tear and impact resistance. 


Puma, Mizuno, Scarpa, The North Face, Scott — many of the most famous sports brands in the world place their trust in Pebax® elastomers, and elite athletes recognize their unique combination of energy return, lightweight, toughness and flexibility.


The wide range of Pebax® materials is the result of a culture of innovation that has made it a key player in the high performance sports market. The secret of its success is closely tied to the seamless collaboration between researchers, manufacturers, and athletes who aim for cutting-edge technology and extreme performance.