Pebax Powered® brandbook

Use the Pebax Powered® brand in your communication: logos, trademarks, typography, contacts, social media, etc. We have a strong, educated user base specifically looking for your models. And we are here to help you. 

Pebax Powered® Printed Hang Tag Program

The primary purpose of the Pebax Powered® branding program is to educate athletes on the importance of premium performance materials in the construction of high end sports wear. We want to help you drive awareness for the discerning athlete, with a kind of "certificate of authenticity". We want to help you tell them that these are specialty materials, not commodities!

The hang tag makes it simple, recognizable, and memorable. To get your own Pebax Powered® hang tags, please request through the contact form below.

Pebax Powered® Digital Hang Tag Program

Request downloads of our digital hang tags to post on your product website through the contact form below.

Biobased Digital Hang Tags


Classic Digital Hang Tags



Retailer videos

What are the key advantages of Pebax® materials? Take a quick look at these "snippet videos" right now! Feel free to share them with retailers and end users. Quick visual demos are extremely impactful.  These videos may also be requested though the contact form below.



Energy Return


Toughness & Flexibility


Shock Resistance


Enduring Elasticity


Sustainability Kits

Contact us today to discuss our sustainability kits, which demonstrate the entire "bean to polymer" chain in simple terms.


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