The first stop of the inaugural Spartan Trail World Championship took place on August 1st, 2020 in Fjällmaraton, Sweden. To ensure safety, the race was switched to an open race where runners could start and finish a marked course during a certain period of time.

Myriam-Boisset-Fjaellmaraton-Spartan-Race-August-2020-5.JPG_1644223205.jpg Myriam-Boisset-Fjaellmaraton-Spartan-Race-August-2020-3.JPG_1641529203.jpg


Myriam trekked 100kms in one of the most beautiful Scandinavian Peninsula landscapes, in the middle of the mountains and wild forest, and she placed 5th on the podium!

Myriam never stopped training during the pandemic, despite US and some European events being canceled for 2020.  Her positive mindset and strong connection to nature have led the way!