Pebax® high performance technology has been in the sport market since years, mostly used in the world’s highest performing shoes! 

Our material can be easily adaptable to enhance any shoe’s performance, including soccer gears that require a great stability to save players from slipping but also to make better traction on the ground while performing.

In addition, soccer cleats also need to be well-fit as well as comfortable when playing. All these characteristics are ensured thanks to our innovative pebax®  polymer: lightweight, energy-return, flexibility.

Featuring a ligtweight Pebax® outsole, the Umbro Velocita V Pro  provides a natural motion of the foot to ensure comfort at speed in all directions!

Engineered for speed, the Nike Elite 360 has a full-length foot plate with wide cleat placement that create flexible support.

Made with a Pebax®  plate, the Mizuno Morelia Neo II MD are the lightest leather boots the brand has ever produced at only 170g. 

Can you see Pebax Powered logo on the boots? The recent Mathieu Ten天 20 has been designed with a Pebax® outsole plate.