Pebax Powered® Boots are Chosen by the World’s Leading Stars

Meeting the rigid requirements of today’s superstar soccer players is not easy. They demand high-tech features that push the boundaries of material technology and polymer science. Many of them choose Pebax Powered® soccer boots/shoes to give them that extra performance – to help them stretch their limits.

The “beautiful game”, soccer is a fertile ground for innovation. Soccer boots undergo severe stress and are becoming increasingly high tech in their design in order to drive performance to levels unimagined just a few years ago. They’re more and more innovative and are evolving to offer players "light as a feather feeling", more comfort, good ball feel, and a more powerful, accurate strike. Shoes must be versatile, able to handle running spurts, tackles, shots, sudden changes in direction and jumps. Combining protection, performance, rigidity and light weight is a real art. It's also a science!

"Lighter Than Air" Shoes

A favorite technical feature of premium players is lightness. Twenty percent lighter than their competitors, Pebax® elastomers are used in the world's first shoe weighing in at under 100 grams!

Using a Pebax® elastomer helped shave weight off the outer sole, without making it less rigid or sturdy. Whether it’s cold or hot, on snowy fields or dry, the Pebax Powered® soles remain stable - allowing you to stretch your limits™.

Shock Resistance, Flexibility and Energy Return

Another reason top soccer players demand Pebax Powered® shoes is that they are the ideal shoes to withstand deformation and repeated flexural cycling. Soles can bend a million times without deteriorating. Pebax® elastomers’ other strength is the ability to return maximum energy where other elastomers would likely lose some. The sole’s elasticity is comparable to that of a pole-vaulter’s pole, which snaps back to its original shape instantly. This creates a sensation of power and surface contact and exceptional ball feel.

Elite Performance and Good Looks Too

Pebax Powered® boots and shoes are not only high-tech and high performing; they are beautiful too! With a virtually unlimited palette of colors, styles and special effects, they help you achieve more... while looking like a star!