Pebax Powered® Running Shoes

Energy return, light weight, shock resistance and flexibility are the main characteristics of high-tech Pebax Powered® shoes, properties that make them valued materials for runners of all capabilities.

A Stable, Flexible Run That Propels You Forward

Frequently used as sole stiffeners in running shoes, Pebax® elastomers promote energy return. Like a spring or a diving board, these elastomers help shoes snap back to their original shape more quickly after a runner’s foot leaves the ground. When Pebax® elastomers are used throughout the sole, their power to propel runners forward is magnified with each step. This improves “running economy,” enabling a faster run without putting more energy into the stride.

Light Weight and Shock Resistance for All Stride Types

Pebax® elastomers’ low density makes them 20% lighter than traditional EVA polymers, with greater flex control and shock resistance. Yet their light weight doesn’t undermine comfort or the shock absorption that cushions the feet when they hit the ground. No matter what your stride, this mix of features makes it easier to string together workouts at a record pace.

Track, Road, and Trail

Whether you jog, trail run or compete in track and field, Pebax Powered® shoes will help you stretch your limits. Pebax® elastomers are used in different parts of running shoes. One example is under the sole of the forefoot, to stiffen the whole shoe and to create excellent rebound. The shoe absorbs the energy of the impact, then releases it when the toes leave the ground. A sheet of Pebax® elastomer can also be inserted into heel counters or mid-foot components to maintain the greater stride stability runners desire.

Pebax® elastomers are also used for sports shoe spikes. Depending on the brand and style, various types of removable spiked outsoles are available, to create a lighter, more stable shoe and stronger traction while taking up minimal space. Major cross-country shoe brands have also adopted Pebax® elastomers. Midsoles deliver exceptional energy return while maintaining a reassuring, robust stability for trail and ultra-trail runners.