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Your #StretchYourLimits moment : Interview Ido Simyoni

Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Ido Simyoni, I was born in Israel and lived there for 30 years.  6 years ago I moved to London with my dog Izo where we lived for 4 years and in the last 2 years we’ve been living in NYC.

I used to be a TV producer, mostly worked on reality TV shows (#DontJudgeMe), but now I am an Executive Director in Marketing for an awesome education company. I’ve always been active and done something- from swimming to Pilates, from yoga to kickboxing and now I am into running.


When did you start competing? 

I was actually a competitive swimmer when I was a kid, but I quitted it after 4 years, when I realized I’m not going to be #1. It chased me for years and became a pattern that I avoided challenges that I knew I’m not going to win at.

This is what actually led me into running. I never liked it and nor understood those people who were so excited about it. So on a very spontaneous decision I signed up to run Lisbon Marathon. It was a though race (highly elevated and very hot), but I completed it and had to face hundreds of other runners that were better and ran faster than me.


What was your biggest #StretchYourLimits moment? 

I think that the fact that I’m a runner now is actually stretching my limits. Me, runner?! This is a joke! But people identify me on social media (@ido8all) as a runner, reaching out to me asking for tips about training routine, shoes, and diet or even wanting to join me for runs. Which is a huge compliment and achievement. Funnily, I can’t go for short runs, so if anyone wants to join me, dm me but for more than 5 miles, ok?

What is your next big challenge? 

I was honored to be selected by #pebaxpowered to run the Marathon in Honolulu (OMG! I am going to Hawaii!!!). I will be doing it with completely new shoes (Nike Pegasus 35 Turbo) which is a challenge, but I already ran my long run (20 miles) with them and actually shaved more than 12 minutes of my previous run, so I am excited about Honolulu and hoping to improve my PR there too.


And last bur not the least, we saw that your signature is to run shirtless, can you explain us why?

Ahaha love this question.

  1. I get hot and sweaty super quickly so wearing shirts annoys me and drag me down. Might be because I lived in Israel, where humidity is very high, so I'm just used to being without it.
  2. When I tried running long distances with shirts, I discovered something I never knew that can happen- sore and bleeding nipples. And yeah, I know now that I can run with stickers on my nipples but that's irritating.
  3. Worked very hard to get to where I am now, lost more than 22 pounds and toned my body over a period of a year, so why not show the results to the world? From the responses I get on Instagram, people find it really motivating (they saw the progress in time).
  4. If I ever run the New York Marathon, I am thinking of doing it wearing only speedos. #IdoInASpeedo will be trending!


Thank you Ido, we are looking forward to follow your Hawaiian journey
on @pebaxpowered and @ido8all !!


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