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Your #StretchYourLimits moment : interview Myriam Guillot-Boisset

Can you tell us more about yourself? 

Hello everyone, it’s Myriam Guillot-boisset!  I will turn 40 in 2019 and it’s been now more than 20 years that I am a professional athlete. 2018 was a very good year for me; I have been ranked #1 in the world in Spartan Race in my category, and for 2019 I will be part of the Spartan Pro International team, such great news! I am an atypical athlete because I use a part of my prize money to plant trees. because I am not only passionate about sport, but I am also passionate about nature. My project is called “Race to green the desert” and the objective is to win as many races as possible to plant trees all over the world.

When did you start to run?

I have practiced sports forever! I started very young because of my parents. They were always running, and I enjoyed that as well.

What was your biggest #StretchYourLimits moment? 

My biggest challenge, where I really stretched my limits was in 2013, when my team and I were World Champion of Adventure Raid. The race lasted 7 days, with us going day and night, non-stop, with only 7 hours of sleep during the entire week! We raced through all of Costa Rica for a race of about 700-800km.

What is your next big challenge? 

This year, my challenge is different, it will be oriented to the Spartan Races. I broke my hand at the end of the last year so this year I need to get my revenge at the World Championships. I will race the 3 Spartan World Championships – short distance, middle distance, and 24h race in Sweden.

How important is the choice of your shoes and why did you chose Pebax Powered?

I am a Pebax Powered® athlete because the midsole of my shoes is made with Pebax® Rnew® materials. It is partially made from castor oil, so for me it’s magical because it’s a “bio” plastic and I use castor oil a lot so it’s perfect! The choice of your shoes is very important because when you run all year long, all over the world, you really need good ones!

Thank you Myriam! We will follow and support your incredible journey and amazing results all around the world this year!