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Your #StretchYourLimits moment : interview Mauricio Mendez

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I’m Mau Méndez, a 23 year old from Mexico City... I’m an outdoor lover and professional triathlete who sometimes dreams been awake and always thinks about been a world class athlete. 

Besides that I’m a coffee enthusiast who also loves a deep and profound talk with friends and family with a good glass of red wine. 

When did you start competing? 

I started since I can remember, but I am certain that my first “big” triathlon was when I was 10 years old and since then it’s been pretty much everything about my life (competing).

What was your biggest #stretchYourLimits moment? 

You may think about a World Championship, but for me is the moment my Dad and I decided to become partners in everything we do. Now he is my Coach and mentor in life as well as my best friend. 

What is your next big challenge? 

My next big challenge will be this whole season. I am super exited about it, I’m gonna focus on more long distance triathlon (70.3) and try my best to be at the top of the sport. I know it’s all a process but I am completely sure that is the thing I dream about. 

Also, what really makes me happy is the family and whole team holding my back to make it true! 


Thank you Mau! We will follow and support your incredible journey and amazing results all around the world this year!