- Football (soccer)

Welcome to the Japanese brand, GAViC!

Pebax Powered® is delighted to welcome a new brand using the Pebax® materials, the Japanese GAViC!

The GAViC is a brand mainly present in Asia (Japan and China), specialized in soccer and indoor soccer. You can already find two new models on the Pebax Powered® website, both available in two colors. These GAViC soccer cleats use Pebax® materials to improve response and energy return while maintaining very light weight.  For comfort, GAViC uses kangaroo leather on the uppers, so after 90 minutes your feet will forgive you!

GAViC also doesn’t hesitate to add the Pebax Powered® logo directly on the shoe. A universal sign of high performance, lightness and unmatched energy return.

You can find these two models on the GAViC website. Note that the website is only in Japanese for the moment, a good occasion for you to work on the language of the land of the rising sun!