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Two more champions on the Pebax Powered® team!

Our family continues to grow as we add two amazing athletes to the team. We are very proud to announce that Samantha (Sam) Roecker and Alexis Hanquinquant will join the Pebax Powered® team starting this year.

Samantha (Sam) Roecker

Let’s start with Sam… what a great story! She is 27 and working as a full time nurse in Philadelphia, USA, and she has had a passion for running much of her life. When she started running, Sam preferred short distances, but over time she became one of the best female runners in America and now competes with the elites in the top marathons in the USA. 2018 was an incredible year for Sam, especially when she shattered her personal record at the California International Marathon in Sacramento, finishing 3rd with an incredible time of 2:30:25!! She now hopes to compete at the World Championship in Doha and has the Tokyo Olympics in her thoughts as she continues to balance a busy work life with training.

This past weekend Sam represented her city well at the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, the largest 10 mile race in the USA. She was the first American to cross the finish line and 4th overall with an impressive time of 55:37!

Alexis Hanquinquant

Alexis’ story is very different from Sam’s, and it unfortunately begins with a tragic event. This 33 year old Frenchman has been an athlete all his life and originally found a passion for basketball when he was younger.  He even earned the title of France Champion of full-contact (similar to kick-boxing). Then in 2010, Alexis’ life changed and it would never be the same. He was regrettably involved in a terrible accident at work and was forced to have part of his right leg removed. Of course this didn’t stop Alexis. Thanks to his courage and love for sport, he never gave up his passions and has become the best athlete in paratriathlon in his category after only a few years since the accident. He is already twice France, Europe, and World Champion! And now he only has one goal in his head: Tokyo 2020!

We can’t wait to collaborate more with these two amazing athletes and continue to follow their inspirational stories!

Don’t forget to follow Sam (@Samroecker) and Alexis (@Alexis_hanquinquant) on social media.