- Football (soccer)

The New York Magic defeated by a great Japanese Selection

Last weekend in Long Island, NY, the NY Magic matched up in a friendly with the Japanese Selection. The Japanese players, in the US an American tour playing in different cities all over the East coast, showed their strong skills and very good technique.

The first half was clearly in the advantage of the Magic, even after the tragic loss of their striker, Danielle Perri, who suffered a knee injury in the first minutes of the match. Unfortunately, the Magic was unable to score despite many attacks, and they were surprised in the last 2 minutes by a nice Japanese goal.

Half-time : 0 – 1

The second half changed totally and was clearly in the advantage of the Japanese Selection. They had great chemistry with crisp passing and the Selection dominated possession until the end of the match, while scoring two more goals for a final score of 0 – 3.

A friendship around their passion for soccer.

The most important wasn’t the score, but the friendship that brought the two teams together after the game. The Magic thanked the Japanese Selection for their visit, offering some Pebax Powered goodies before setting out for a “family” dinner all together. Sports create friendship and respect all over the world, and here was another example of those values between two teams from opposite sides of the planet.

Here are some pictures of the game. Stay tuned for the video!