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Pebax® elastomers: Tough & Flexible!

A key quality sought by athletes when choosing shoes is whether they offer the best possible combination of flexibility and toughness. Skiers know all about this. They shop around for a flex index that combines maximum flexibility to promote comfort, precision and responsiveness with enough toughness to support feet and ankles in a boot that can still bend.

Boots must support the foot without restricting its movement. To transmit a skier’s leans to the ski without warping the boots’ shape and provide maximum stability and control on ski edges, the foot, ankle and part of the tibia must be encased in an envelope that is both stiff enough and bendable, to adjust to your specific physique as closely as possible. If the boot’s structure isn’t right, hard spots will cause pain. At once stiff and flexible, Pebax Powered® elastomers boots have just the right flex index for intermediate and more athletic skiers.

In addition to flexibility and comfort, Pebax Powered® boots offer alpine sports buffs other advantages. Unlike conventional plastic shells that stiffen in the cold, the properties of Pebax® elastomers don’t vary with temperature. They resist deformation better, don’t break as easily and are more waterproof. Whether used for boot shells, collars or soles, they make your gear tougher.