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Pebax Powered® soccer cleats found on more than half of the French Championship players!

Footpack, a French website specialized in soccer cleats, just published an infographic about the shoes worn by the soccer player in Ligue 1 (the French Premier Division Championship). Without surprise, the two main brands represented are the giants Nike and Adidas followed by Puma, Mizuno, Kipsta, Lotto, and Under Armour. In fact, more than one third of the players where the Nike Mercurial (Vapor or Superfly)!

From the Footpack’s article we also learn that out of the 400+ players in the professional French Championship, Pebax® materials were found in the half of their shoes!  So do you want to Stretch Your Limits™ like the pros?

Find the full Footpack article here, and all the Pebax Powered® soccer shoes here.