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Li-Ning BOOM joins the Pebax Powered® ranks

Running shoes

Another running shoe joins the Pebax Powered® ranks! The Chinese brand Li-Ning has launched the BOOM model made with Pebax® materials!

Compared to traditional materials, Pebax® foam helps reduce energy loss. The materials are used in the main impact zones of the midsole in order to provide cushioning and make a smooth and stable transition when running.


Thanks to this innovative technology, the new BOOM shoe can absorb shocks and disperse pressure when the material is subjected to impact compression. In addition, it is super lightweight, UV-resistant, and minimalist.


About LI-NING:

Li-Ning is the Chinese leader in athletic apparel and footwear. The brand carries the genes of an athlete:  a champion gymnast and its founder and namesake, Mr. Li Ning. He founded the company in 1990 with the simple goal of providing Chinese athletes with a national brand to wear on the world stage of the Olympics.

Innovation is essential to the development of the Li-Ning brand and its products. By driving perpetual research and development, Li-Ning is able to offer the most forward-thinking products, experiences, and services across its core product categories: running, basketball, badminton, and training.

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