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Ido Simyoni supporting Breast Cancer at the Staten Island Half Marathon

About a year ago, Ido Simyoni  won our contest to participate in the Honolulu Marathon - The New-York based athlete who only started running in April 2018, has continued to stretch his limits and has participated in numerous races around the world!

This weekend, Ido participated in the Staten Island Half Marathon, and he was very excited to run his very first half-marathon and decided to take the opportunity to support breast cancer awarness month by wearing all pink - from head to toe!


Being really active on social media, Ido has been teasing a couple of days before the race, all the "pink" gear he would wear during this special day.

At the same time, Nike released a new color of the famous ZOOMX VAPORFLY NEXT% shoes... and you guessed it, the new color was pink! Without a doubt, it was a perfect match for Ido who got them just in time to run the half-marathon.

Ido ran 13.1 miles in 1:27:39 time, which is a 9 minute improvement from the same distance he ran last year in Honolulu.

Pebax Nike Shoes ZoonmX Vaporfly Next%

We are very proud of our ambassador who has shown determination to achieve his personal best and his devotion to bringing awarness for breast cancer! He was defintely a "stand-out" runner in the crowd!