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Hawaii giveaway winner PR's in marathon!

A few months ago, the Pebax Powered® team presented, a chance to run the majestic Honolulu Marathon.  More than 25,000 of you entered our giveaway to the paradise islands of Hawaii.  Well the contest is over, and the race was completed by our lucky winner, Ido Simyoni!

Ido arrived in Hawaii a few days before the race to enjoy the beaches and some fruity drinks, but when race day arrived, he really took care of business! It was only his second marathon ever and during training he reported to our team that he improved his 20-mile PR by more than 12 minutes thanks to his new Nike Pegasus 35 Turbo that were part of his prize. So, it was no surprise to us when we saw his finish time in Honolulu.

The Hawaiian climate (and of course the high performance Pebax Powered® shoes) had a great influence on his result! He rocked it with a final time of 3:24:00, beating his PR by more than 30 minutes!!! Ido was able to give us his best happy dance after the race… shirtless of course!

We couldn’t be prouder of Ido as an athlete with his impressive time (he only started running in April 2018!) but also as kind man. He is the nicest human being we could have met, so empowering, always keen to help, and we are really proud that he represents the Pebax Powered® brand!

Stay tuned with @pebaxpowered for more news concerning Ido and more giveaway contests too!