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A new Pebax Powered® shoe to beat your best!

Today is THE day for runners! Yes, today is launch day for the new Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit, the shoes worn by Eliud Kipchoge when he set the new marathon World Record just two weeks ago.  This is the second model release since the Vaporfly 4% was introduced in 2017 with the Breaking2 project.

So what's the difference from the 2017 edition? Nike worked closely with Kipchoge to improve the new model and Runner's World closely documented the improvements.  The specialist magazine writes,  “The change from a lightweight mesh used on the previous version reduces irritation and improves breathability, too. While everything under your foot remains the same, everything that wraps over the top has changed. The new Flyknit model uses a one-piece bootie-like construction that fits exceptionally snug around your foot. It’s definitely a racing fit, with a tapered design to contour to your midfoot and opening just enough in the front to accommodate your forefoot.” Full article.

One constant from 2017 to this new model is the ultra-lightweight and extreme energy return ZoomX foam.  The revolutionary foam is composed of Pebax® polymer, an inherently lightweight, springy, and durable material.

In the end, the biggest problem (besides the high price tag of $250) is… the shoes are in such high demand that many sizes are sold out already!  So you better get over to before ALL of them are gone! 

Go Stretch Your Limits™!