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10 recent running shoes made with Pebax® high-performance polymer

Pebax® elastomers have been used in the market since the 1980's and are today widely used in the world's highest-performing running shoes, ski boots, and other equipment.

PEBAX®– What is it?

From our technical definition: “Pebax® Elastomers are block copolymers made up of rigid polyamide blocks and soft polyether blocks. Manipulating these blocks and their relative ratio allows for the creation of a large range that spans the flexibility spectrum from very hard and rigid to very soft and flexible, without the need for plasticizers.”

How is it used?:

Our Pebax® high-performance polymer is integrated within the shoe, commonly as foams or plates. This technology is used by leading sports brands and easily adaptable to different sports needs, making them truly high-performance, flexible, lightweight and bringing great energy-return.

We are all seeking comfortable and high-performance running shoes, whether you are a beginner or professional, finding perfect trainers can be a long journey. Many of us tend to stick to a specific brand, but there are many gems out there!


We selected 10 running shoes available on the market, from different brands built for different kind of runners - but all have one main technology in common: the use of Pebax® high-performance polymer.


You can visit our new page to discover a larger selection of running shoes, made with Pebax® polymer. 

Saucony's PWRRUN PB uses the highest-end materials, made with a carbon fiber plate and Pebax® thick midsole foam.

I bet you heard of the Alphafly Next%, the fastest shoes in the world and largely adopted by Marathoners - the foam is made with Pebax® polymer.

Connect this shoe to MapMyRun and let them coach you! The Amour HOVR™ Machina has been a success in 2020, the shoe is designed with a Pebax® propulsion plate.

This new model from New Balance is made with a high-rebound FuelCell midsole combined with an internal Pebax® plate that adds unparalleled responsiveness to each step.

Who has never had a Skechers shoe? The Go Run Speed Elite is responsive race day shoe which has a unique winged carbon plate in the forefoot combined with a Pebax® plate designed for speed.

If the Nike Air Zoom Alphalfy Next% is sold out everywhere, go for the Nike Tempo Next%: a react foam, a Pebax® plate, and Zoom Air bags make this shoe durable and fast with plenty of bounce.

The foam is made with Pebax® polymer, which makes this newest model extremely lightweight and springy.

The Award-winning shoe has come lighter and bouncier thanks to the Pebax® midsole foam.

The new Mizuno Wave Rider 24 has come with our bio-based Pebax® plate called Pebax® Rnew®, derived from castor beans. If you are wondering where Pebax® material is ... it’s the Wave plate!

We also launched a video in collaboration with Mizuno to focus on the castor bean origins.

onrunning cloudboom

ON's fastest shoe designed with a carbon-fiber-infused speed board made with Pebax® polymer - for a unique, lightweight experience.