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Pebax Powered runner

Stretching the Limits of Athletic Shoes — and Athletes Like You

Pebax® elastomers are recognized for their outstanding qualities by the world’s most famous sports brands. Millions of runners, soccer players and skiers worldwide accomplish feats both large and small thanks to the combined advantages of these high-performance elastomers, which are ultra-lightweight and offer outstanding energy return on rebound, long-lasting elasticity, and tear and impact resistance. 

A Winning Combination

World Class Achievements

Many elite athletes have stretched their limits using Pebax Powered® footwear. Climbers have scaled Mount Everest more than once, soccer players scored 62% of the goals and made 60% of the passes that led to goals at the UEFA Euro 2016 and Usain Bolt, the greatest sprinter of all time set the world record for the 100-meter dash wearing Pebax Powered® footwear. 


Puma, Mizuno, Scarpa, The North Face, Scott — many of the most famous sports brands in the world place their trust in Pebax® elastomers, and elite athletes recognize their unique combination of energy return, lightweight, toughness and flexibility.

Renewable / Bio-Based Polymer Technology

Specifically, the Pebax® Rnew® range of elastomers isproduced at least partially from a renewable plant feedstock, castor oil. Instead of taking a million years to generate (like typical fossil fuel feedstocks), castor seeds grow on a crop cycle of less than one year. The castor crop does not compete with the human food chain and requires extremely little fertilization and irrigation.


The wide range of Pebax® materials is the result of a culture of innovation that has made it a key player in the high performance sports market. The secret of its success is closely tied to the seamless collaboration between researchers, manufacturers, and athletes who aim for cutting-edge technology and extreme performance.