Myriam Guillot Boisset

Myriam "Mimi" is a French professional athlete who is passionate about health and ecology. She became ultra-aware that her health depends on her diet and gradually became vegetarian, then vegan, and finally raw fruto-vegetarian.  She also spends a lot of her energy on charitable work planting trees around the world.

Twice SPARTAN World Champion (2011 and 2013);  Number 1 in the Spartan Elite World Ranking (2018), three times number one in international multisport races (2018), Myriam has an incredible energy and his truly inspiring people through her way of life and sporting achievement. 

"I love running naturally and in a minimalist way. Pebax Powered® program gives me that feeling of lightness and dynamism in my strides. What gives me great pleasure is the whole ethics and history of Pebax Powered® equipment with respect for nature and humans, especially with Pebax® Rnew®   which is made from the oil of the castor bean grown in the Gujarat region of India". 

Latest highlights

2020 - Spartan Trail World Championship (Sweden)- 5th on the podium

2019 - Spartan Worldchampionship in Tahoe - 3rd 

2019 -  Trifecta Spartan World Championship Greece - 5th on the podium

2019 - Spartan European Championship, France - 1st

Upcoming Events

12/12/2020 - Spartan European championship 

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